In-House Dental Membership

Many people without insurance worry about how they can pay for routine dental care and dental emergencies. At Chao Dental Studio, we never want our patients to neglect their dental health due to a lack of insurance. Our in-house dental care membership program allows patients to get the dental care they need without stressing over the cost.

With our in-house dental membership plan, we offer the followings:

  • 3 Standard Cleanings
  • 2 Routine Exams
  • Full mouth X-Rays, Bitewing X-Rays, or Panoramic X-rays
  • Fluoride Varnish Treatment

Other services are available at a steep discount for patients with a dental membership. Budgeting for dental care is easier, and families get the routine services they need, minimizing the risk of dental emergencies. Please give our office a call for additional information.