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If your dental implant gets loose or breaks, you will be in safe, capable hands with Dr. Patricia Chao at Chao Dental Studio in Santa Clara, California. The compassionate, highly skilled dentist is experienced in performing dental implant restoration. Call or schedule a consultation online to repair your damaged dental implant right away.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that can support a custom-made artificial tooth, called a crown. Dental implants are usually made out of titanium and inserted directly into your jawbone in the spot where you’re missing a tooth.

This titanium screw bonds with your bone over time. In fact, dental implants are the strongest, safest way to support replacement teeth. Once the crown is attached to the dental implant, you can treat the tooth like a natural tooth and resume your lifestyle.

How common are dental implant problems?

Dental implants are usually very secure and can last a lifetime, but older implants can develop complications.

Sometimes the crown placed on your dental implant can get loose or crack. Additionally, if a highly qualified dentist did not initially perform the implant procedure, or your jaw didn't bond properly to the titanium screw, the implant may loosen over time.  

What is involved with dental implant restoration?

If the crown has fallen off the implant, Dr. Chao will replace it. If you still have the tooth -- or teeth, in the case of a bridge -- bring it with you to your appointment, and she can try to place it back on the post.

If the crown has become loose, she can tighten it to make it more securely attached to the abutment in the implant. If the crown is cracked, Dr. Chao may be able to repair it using special bonding materials and then reattach it to the implant.  

If the crown is lost or broken beyond repair, Dr. Chao will take impressions and order a new crown for you. She may give you a temporary crown to cover the implant while you wait for the new tooth to arrive. Once the new crown or bridge arrives, Dr. Chao will attach it to your implant.

If your dental implant is causing you discomfort, visit Dr. Chao right away so she can evaluate the issue and make repairs. Working with an experienced dental implant professional like Dr. Chao is critical for ensuring a successful outcome.